Why your club should train a teacher in 2019–and it may well be free

Happy new year! If we want to get more people into bridge clubs and playing bridge (and we do, for lots of excellent reasons), then it follows that we need to teach them how to play. The EBU along with EBED (English Bridge Education and Development) has a ton of resources to help, including courses where you can learn how to be a bridge teacher.

It is our conviction that most EBU clubs need to be (or to become) teaching clubs, where newcomers at any stage in their bridge ability are welcome. In order to support this, we are offering free teaching places on EBED courses. All the details are here: but to summarise:

  • You book your place with EBED mentioning that you are an affiliated club, this gets you 20% discount
  • You then apply to the EBU for a free place based on this booking
  • There is a limit of one free place per club every two years


Why should your club have a teacher, when there may already be a number of strong bridge teachers in your area? There are several reasons:

  • There is high demand for bridge teaching, especially if you do some marketing to promote your courses.
  • There is a benefit to having bridge teachers in your club, since it brings newcomers to the club itself, forming a relationship that is likely to result in a long-term club member.
  • Having club members learn how to teach will help the club understand the needs of novice players and develop a culture that is welcoming to them.

There is more information and a list of courses here – note this list is frequently updated so check back soon if you cannot find a course, or contact EBED.

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