Example wording for an article or leaflet promoting bridge at your club

The following wording was used successfully by Yorkshire as part of their membership campaign. It is suitable for an article, leaflet, or online advertisement. You are free to use and adapt it as you wish.

“Bridging” the Leisure Gap

Have you ever thought about the benefits of learning and playing Bridge?

Modern Club Bridge is a very different game from that portrayed in period dramas. Clubs today are fun and welcoming to all levels of player. Computer technology is commonly used for generating instant play performance. Bridge is very much of the twenty-first century and most Yorkshire towns and many villages have a Bridge club. Yorkshire County has over 3,500 affiliated members and more than five times as many playing privately.

Bridge can be started at any age and there is evidence that it helps you to keep sharp in later life. This is when most take up Bridge, seeing it as part of their leisure sports programme. It certainly exercises the “little grey cells” and benefits last well beyond when your knees protest on steeper inclines or your golf swing deteriorates.

Bridge is an absorbing game that can be an excellent stress-reliever.

Let’s dispense some of the myths:

You don’t you have to be exceptionally clever. The basics of Bridge are fundamentally simple; bidding and winning tricks to gain points within easily mastered rules.

You play with a partner and your hands are hidden from each other, so you need to learn how to communicate your card strengths and weaknesses and this is the sophisticated part.  Like any language, this “Bridge grammar” cannot be learnt overnight. Though, once you have grasped the essentials, it is a truly international language. The more you play, the more fluent you become and the more success follows. If you do not have a partner, clubs cater for singles and offer opportunities to make new friends.

You don’t need total recall. Most players concentrate on only the key cards, a memory feat well within an average person’s capability and this is likely to improve with practice.

You don’t have to be too competitive. There are plenty of tournaments, but regular Club Bridge is a social game, played in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Lastly, you don’t have to be wealthy. Club Bridge is played mainly on afternoons and evenings in three to four hourly sessions. Cost per session varies from £2 to £4. Where else can you have a night out for under a fiver?

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