From classroom to clubroom: how to bring new players into club sessions

Bridge is a lot of fun and getting people to learn the game in your club may not be too difficult. It is also well-known that new bridge players must be offered some form of gentle, supervised play before venturing into one of the club’s main sessions. The truth though is this: the club’s membership development is not complete until some of those players migrate to a main session. Otherwise, they are not fully integrated, nor are they helping to address problems of low numbers.


There are several reasons why this is a challenge. One of the basic ones is speed of play. Playing a board in 7 to 8 minutes is stressful if you are not used to it, and experienced players may not be aware how many things which seem obvious to them take time for a beginner to work out.

Introducing players to the main club sessions is essential though, and we have prepared some tips on how to do it here.

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